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Heal-Thy, a weight loss company, is aimed to enhance clients’ lifestyle with the right food at right time in the right portions. We base our diet & lifestyle plans on individual body types (Ayurvedic Prakriti) of our clients. With healthy, home-cooked food combinations instead of a low-calorie diet, we design personalized plans that can be followed for life, resulting in a lifestyle transformation and not just a temporary weight loss.

We work on making you feel good about your bodies and follow a lifelong routine of eating the right diet
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What is Ayurvedic Prakriti/Constitution?

  • Ayurveda classifies everyone into three energetic forces (or building blocks of the material world), also known as Tridoshas.

·         Vata, the air content, regulates all kinds of movements in body & mind

·         Pita, the fire content, governs a body’s heat & metabolism, controlling digestion

·         Kapha, the water content, cohesiveness, structure, & lubrication in a body

Why Considering Tridoshas is Important?

Any imbalance in the doshas, caused by unsupportive diet & lifestyle, upsets a body’s natural internal equilibrium. This, in turn, disrupts the body, leading individuals to several health challenges & tendencies towards diseases.

At Heal-Thy, we design diet & lifestyle plans based on individual analysis of Ayurvedic Prakriti or tridosha constitution, considering daily routines, food preferences, & other factors.

Weight Loss Package

A general weight loss plan that resets one’s timings and schedule as per their lifestyle. Pre/post workout meals are recommended including some in-between meals.

Therapeutic Fat Loss Package

A weight loss plan based on one’s specific body type. It focuses on losing unwanted fat from the body alongside an improvement in skin, hair, & energy levels.

Tailor-made Packages

A host of other packages including weight loss plans for diabetic control, pregnancy, and growing children are available. Explore detailed packages or contact us for a personalized one.

Why Do You Need To Join Team HealThy?

Why Choose HealThy?

Heal-Thy wants you to Eat healthily, Live Healthily, & Stay Healthy always, with:

  • Comprehensive Wellness Program: Not just another weight-loss plan, we create a long-lasting wellness program for your body
  • Lifestyle Transformation: Maintain the right weight balance and avert diseases for life with better metabolism, diet, & lifestyle
  • Lose Fat, Not Muscles: Our plans are aimed at unnecessary fat loss alongside improving muscle mass, energy levels, & overall wellness.

Everyone needs a different weight loss plan based on body type. Let us create yours